Greetings from the Pastor

Guided by the Words of the God of the Bible, “See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland”, we came to Makuhari Bay Town.

We started a “house church” like the early church in the New Testament as a place offering peace of heart in the midst of tall apartment buildings.

Eleven years have already passed. Now, we have become a gathering of many kindred minds centered on the Lord Jesus Christ and sharing love and fellowship with the Word of God, prayer and songs of praise.

We continue to walk, believing in the cross, resurrection life and grace, as we seek the grace of the Lord Jesus in prayer for those coming and pray for the blessing of the heavenly Father for those leaving. Here, you can build relationships of trust and peace. All are welcome.

I was saved 64years ago and have been serving the Lord as an evangelist and a pastor for 55 years. From this experience, I hope to be of service to you. Best regards.


Introducing the Pastor

Name: Yoshinobu Hirohashi

Eldest son (Pastor, Presbyterian Church in Japan)
Eldest daughter (Wife of Pastor, Presbyterian Church in Japan)
Second daughter (Wife of pastor, Presbyterian Church in Japan)
Ten grandchildren

Born: October 13, 1939 in Osaka

Baptized (or Converted): June 1956
March 1958 Graduated from Sen-yo High School in Osaka
April 10, 1958 Entered Japan Christian Theological Seminary
1964 Graduated from Japan Christian Theological Seminary
Evangelist, Yokohama Evangelical Church (independent)
1966 Pastor, Kokuryo Mission Church (Japan Christian Presbyterian Church)
(Now Chofu Minami Church; established, served 16 years)
1980 Pastor, Kugayama Christ Church (served 13 years)
1992 Director of Domestic Missions, Presbyterian Church in Japan (served 11 years)
July 1999-March 2003 concurrently Pastor, Kaihin Makuhari Grace Mission Church
March 2003 Pastor, Kaihin Makuhari Grace Church
As a tent-maker evangelist, worked as staff and inspection helper at Yokohama Evangelical Clinic; Gloria International Corp., Ltd.; Every Home for Christ (EHC); Correspondence course manager at Japan Christian Theological Seminary (now Tokyo Christian Theological Seminary); Office manager, Presbyterian Church in Japan (Higashi Kurume, 10 years)

Service in Missionary Organizations:
Mission Australia Council, trustee, member of support committee;
Wycliffe Bible Translators Japan committee (1972-2006, treasurer, chairman
Service on Church Committees (Japan Christian Presbyterian Church era)
1969 Moderator of Presbytery
1970-1974 Clerk of Presbytery
1974-1977 Clerk of Committee for founding of General Assembly of Japan Christian Presbyterian Church
1979-1988 Moderator of General Assembly

Seaside Makuhari Chatters (member of Japan Ventriloquist’s Association )

History of Kaihin Makuhari Grace Church

1. The preparatory committee for the founding of Kaihin Makuhari Grace Mission Church in the Presbyterian Church of Japan
May 1999 Start of preparatory activities
July 1, 1999 Approval by Evangelism Committee of Higashi Kanto Presbytery
July 14, 1999 (Wed) First prayer meeting, pre-evangelism activities

2. Feb. 12, 2001 Founding of Kaihin Makuhari Grace Mission Church approved by Higashi Kanto Presbytery
Provisional Session:
Moderator: Rev. Yoshinobu Hirohashi
Clerk: Elder Seima Aoyagi
Rev. Daniel Iverson (cooperating teaching elder)
Mr. Craig Coulbourne (missionary)

3. May 27, 2001 Founding of Kaihin Makuhari Grace Mission Church (5 members)

4. Aug. 25, 2003 Moved to present location as “house church”

5. Jan. 2019   97 members, with many cell groups active in the church.